7th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Congress 2016

Happy eating, happy living, at SEAVC 2016 in Penang! For the first time ever, the Southeast Asian Vegetarian Congress (SEAVC) will be held on the charming tropical island of Penang, in Malaysia. The event will be hosted in the old port city of George Town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 7th Southeast Asian Vegetarian Congress from November 11th to 13th, 2016, will see an exciting gathering of vegetarians and veggie aficionados from across the region. It is expected to bring together academics, nutritionists, chefs, environmentalists, health experts and so on from neighbouring nations and other parts, including India, China, Europe and the US.

SEAVC 2016 is planned to end of a high note with the colourful International Meatless Day Charity Carnival, an annual veggie fiesta observed in Penang. Blessed with green hills, popular beaches, modern amenities and a vibrant multi-racial society, Penang is ranked among the world’s “10 islands to explore before you die” by Yahoo Travel.

It is also an acclaimed food paradise. In particular, vegetarian cuisine of various cultures are available across George Town. SEAVC 2016 promises to give this distinctive flavour of Penang’s rich legacy and culture - where traditions, festivals and activism have thrived. Come to Penang for SEAVC 2016, and together we share, connect and celebrate.


44º IVU World Vegfest - Argentina 2016

The world's oldest vegan event comes for first time to hispanoamerica.

→ National and international speakers.

→ Expovegan, pruduct 100 % vegan.

→ Workshops.

→ Training.

→ Courses

100 % vegetarian food. 44th IVU WORLD Vegfest / 10th Vegfest Latinoamericano / 12th UVA Vegfest Argentino Date?

→ 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 December 2016 Where?

→ Palais Rouge Convention Center, Jerónimo Salguero 1441, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. FREE ENTRANCE

→ www.vegfestargentina.org prior registration (page under construction , it does not operate now test later )