Maitree Suttajit Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Department of Biochemistry,

School of  Medical Sciences,

University of Phayao, Maeka district,

Phayoa province, Thailandm 50300

Tel. 0851416549

E-mail: maîThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr Maitree was born in Chiang Mai during 1939, is married and has 2 daughters.  He was Dean of School of Medical Sciences at University of  Phayao in Thailand during 2010-2015 and currently Research Advisor for University of  Phayao.  Dr Maitree got his Ph.D (Biochemistry) from State University of New York at  Buffalo, USA  in 1971.  Dr. Maitree become vegetarian since 1981.  He has been Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty of Medicine at Chiang Mai University since 1963.

Dr. Maitree has actively involved in research mainly on  functional foods, natural products  such as  pigmented rice, perilla (Nga-mon),  omega fatty acids, flavonoids, anthocyanidins, rosmarinic acid  as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammation activities of  their phytochemicals.  Moreover, he has received several national and international research grants. Collectively, these research projects have resulted in more than 100 original publications and conference papers, books authorization and a patent.

Honors and awards

  • The Founder President and Board Member of the Society for Free Radical Research of Thailand (SFRR-Thai) 2010
  • The Founder President of Chiang Mai  Vegetarian Society (CVS) and Thai Vegetarian Association (TVA)
  • Was awarded and well recognized  by TVA and AVU for outstanding contributions to vegetarianism and health promotion in the Thailand  and  Asia.
  • In 2009, I  was given a Cerebos award for a research fund to  investigate the health benefits of red/black/purple pigmented rice, plant seeds and fruits.
  • In  2014. I was selected  to be  an  outstanding  researcher in medical nutrition  from  Asia-Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society 
  • Dr. Maitree has been invited by editors to review over 100+ research articles, research projects and book manuscripts for a number of reputable Thai and international journals/[projects/books.
  • Chairman/Co-chairman, the organizing committee of  different  international conferences such as : 
    • The NATPRO (Natural Products for Health and Beauty) conferences ; the First (2004, Mahasara.kham Univ, Thailand) and the Second (2007, University of Naresuan, Phayao) ;
    • The 33rd  World Vegetarian Congress (1999), Chiang Mai, Thailand;
    • The Second Asian Vegetarian Union Congress(2006), Bangkok, Thailand;
    • The Third Asian Vegetarian Union Congress (2007), Kaohsiung, Taiwan;
    • The Fifth Southeast Asian Congress(2012), Chiang Mai Thailand;
    • The Sixth Southeast Asian Congress, Vientiane, Laos (2014);
    • The First international conference on Innovation of Functional Foods in Asia (IFFA2018), Univ. of Phayao, Thailand